Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive!


We are alive and free and are passionate about sharing that with you!


Our quest is to inspire others to become themselves and feel free while bringing their unique gifts and talents to the world to enjoy a more colourful, healthier and happier life.


To do this, we offer courses, workshops, coaching, retreats, fitness and nutrition programs and will be launching an online academy soon.

We want to collaborate with you to bring only the best to the rest of the world!

Please contact us if you feel that you can contribute to this vision!


Anthony is an adventurer and scholar of the human condition.

Anthony is an entrepreneur, adventurer and scholar of the human condition. He has traveled to over 35 countries and worked in more than half of them. He is unconventional, tends to try out everything and does not accept the norm.

Ant is curious about everything but in particular the things that will help him and others come alive. He has researched meditation, psychology, fitness and nutrition for many years on a quest to understand himself and the world around him. He has lived in a buddhist monastery, completed many fasts and retreats and regularly connects with people he calls his heros or wizards of life.

His journey is also steeped in reality with over a decade spent in the throes of global corporate hustle, deal making and new business development. Anthony now uses his corporate experience and applies it to entrepreneurship and truly knows the discipline, determination and courage required in starting from scratch.

The art of collaboration is now at the forefront of his mind and he is on a mission to bring together great minds to collectively inspire others to Thrive in whatever they do.


Transform the Mind, Body and Heart

“Transform the Mind, Body and Heart by courageously shifting perspectives, becoming stronger, fitter, faster and ultimately feeling on top of the world”

To transform the Mind we look at its functions, concerns, needs, views, beliefs, paradigms, mental models and internal conversations. We clearly understand how the mind impacts everything you do.

To transform the Body, we look at effective and efficient movements and physical fitness while incorporating optimum nutrition, sleep and breathing techniques.

Our fitness program is a fusion of Mobility, Endurance, Power and Agility. We test theories and practices ourselves and bring to you what we know works well.

Awakening the heart is the ability to tap into its abundant source of energy which fuels who you are. It is also our experience centre, the feedback system to the system and allows us to notice if we are on the right track.

All three systems are tightly integrated and work together to enable or disable you.

Total transformation is a choice, one only you can make. 

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If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands.

Understand your mental patterns
Expand your perspectives and beliefs
Gain control of your emotions and your life

With the Mind we will look at various things including the nuts and bolts of the mind and its functions, our concerns or needs, our views or beliefs, our paradigms and mental models and our internal conversations. We will also look at the substrate of the mind which is the brain and its neural networks, synapses and the chemicals and hormones that work hand in hand with the brain. Spending time on an intellectual understanding of these concepts is great to a point but we need to see how that affects our behavior and our feelings. We also cannot just understand things but must know them and make them part of our being.


Nutrition and Fusion Fitness

Become stronger, fitter and faster
Have more energy and vitality
Maximise your body for high performance

Combine great nutrition and fusion fitness programs to maximise your physical potential

With the body we look at how to get the most out of the vehicle we are in. The body has many systems that work together including the digestive system, cardiovascular, muscular, endocrinal, neural and many others. We build fitness and nutrition programs that optimize our bodies functions to enable an abundance of energy, optimal health and a feeling of wellness while having more endurance, power and agility.


Energy, Emotion, Spirit

Enliven yourself by choice
Ignite your potential with courage
Follow your heart with sensitivity

Tune into a higher state of being with more energy, vitality and passion.

With the heart we look at this our energy, emotion or spirit. We look at the frequency or vibration we are operating at. We can look at this at how we feel and can even relate this to our passion, our vitality and our potency.


I am because WE are

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