We deliver bespoke programs and coaching services that are grounded with a tried and tested philosophy taking into account the whole human being namely the Mind, the Body and the Heart. These services are delivered directly or through our vetted facilitators. 

Three principles:
Courage, Wisdom, Compassion

Three pillars:
Mind, Body, Heart

All the pieces of the puzzle are self contained but ultimately need to be pulled together to produce the best results.

Through workshops or one on one coaching, we address the mind, body and heart and work with people from the inside out. We remind you who you are not and give you the courage to let go or awaken your true self. 

MBH Central workshops are designed to start from the inside with the individual in mind and then, to expand to teams, organisations and the greater community. 

Our three guiding principles are courage which fuels your action, wisdom that guides you and compassion that connects you. 


The Space Between Workshop process contains 3 key elements which are interlinked and work with each other namely: Awareness, Letting Go and Awakening which will catalyse transformation on every step but will be enhanced if  utilised together. 

Awareness creates space and freedom to think and feel and to reflect. Only with space can we truly explore our inner world. This creates the space and clarity to let go and become what you can be.

Letting go of who you are not and what does not serve you, requires you to recognise the truth and impact of who you currently are and what you have taken on. This will create a desire in you to a new future

Awakening the person you truly are by having the courage to act and be yourself in a world that wants you to conform and be like them.


Through meditation, many people from all walks of life have learnt to reduce stress and be free from harmful states of mind such as anger, uncontrolled desire and ignorance. Meditation helps us develop positive minds such as love, compassion and wisdom, and in this way help us come to experience lasting peace and happiness. These methods work for anyone, in any country and in any age. Once we have gained experience of them for ourselves we can pass them on to others so they too, can enjoy the same benefits. Come join us and learn to relax and find peace wherever you may be and in whatever situation you may find yourself.

Classes are for all people, regardless of your belief or age or gender


This course will take you through the basics of meditation (the practice of Mindfulness and Alertness)

The course will run through the following:

  • What meditation is.
  • The mechanics of meditation or the nuts and bolts of what is happening while meditating.
  • The meditation object, or what you will be meditating on
  • The posture recommended for meditation
  • Preparing for meditation
  • The actual meditation and its parts
  • A recommended daily practice and what expectations to put upon yourself if any
  • A description of what a retreat is and why we should aspire to go on one
  • What this means regarding MBH

The course is merely a foundation to meditation but will describe all that is needed to get going with meditation and to avoid falling into any traps or distractions that many people have done in the past.


We offer a free first hour coaching session with individuals who are actively seeking ways to awaken their true selves. Our coaching is grounded in the MBH framework taking into account the whole human condition, looking at the Mind, the Body and matters of the Heart.

We can take a holistic approach to coaching or focus on one key area that needs transformation. Through experience though, we have seen how all aspects are connected and that when worked on as a full, integrated system, the best results are achieved.

Do you want to:

  • Feel alive more often than not?
  • Be full of energy and focus at the same time?
  • Have an abundance of health and vitality?
  • Know what you want and have a plan to get there while understand that nature of change?
  • Be less influenced by your situation and take control of your life?
  • Become successful and free of worry and deficit?

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We are inspired to create an online and in-person community of body practitioners by bringing specialists together, to share and collaborate with the view of being the best version of yourself.

The four areas of our practice that we will bring to you currently include Mobility, Endurance, Power and Agility.  Our philosophy implies continuous improvement this will change and evolve.

includes range of motion and flexibility. Throughout your practice you will discover various areas of weakness and risk of injury from not being flexible and having a low range of movement. With mobility, we will be able to maximize the rest of our practice.

When we talk about Endurance we talk about the development of your capacity of body and mind to sustain force for long periods of time. This enhances cardiovascular and muscular strength while building a tolerance to difficulty and stress.

With respect to Power. You develop your ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible. This enhances your strength while improving your ability to perform more work in the same amount of time.

develops your ability to move efficiently and effectively while under control. This practice enhances your response rates, coordination and balance. The term, being light on your feet or float like a butterfly, sting like a bee comes to mind when thinking about this. What is the use in being flexible and mobile, being able to endure and be strong, powerful and lightning fast if you cannot direct this ability and be in control of it under changing environments.

In the spirit of creating this community of people who want to be fitter, stronger, faster, more powerful and more agile. We welcome break dancers, weight lifters, sprinters, dancers and crossfitters who understand the big picture of their training. Be prepared to add ideas to the practice as well as innovate and enhance the full offering of exercises and challenges. Bring your experience, bring your passion, bring your sense of adventure and come train with us.


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